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Tiger Tribe - Rainbow Lab - Playing with Colour

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This unique activity set is designed to encourage open-ended play, trial-and-error exploration, teach problem-solving, and allow children to lead their play experience. There's 24 experiments intended to help kids apply STEAM principals to the world around them.


Start your journey by understanding colour, then investigate with a bunch of colour absorption experiments and then explore colour & craft together. Great for solo play or an engaging activity with friends, Rainbow Lab - Playing with Colour encourages hands-on fun and unplugged creative play. 


Each set contains:

24 STEAM experiments 

3 x food colouring bottles (yellow, red, blue)

2 x stackable rainbow crayons (8 colours)

1 x white crayon

1 x pencil

1 x paint brush

2x  pop out sheets

handy storage box

Suitable for age 7+