Little Boss

Little Boss 4-in-1 Easel

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Play is the best form of learning, especially written play and shapes. BOSS Easels represent the state of the art upgrade from a timely old classic; offering design and quality improvements in a modern presentation. Created to provide toddlers to primary school children an excellent platform for artistic development, fine motor skill development, writing skills development and general enjoyment with lots of fun, by way of painting, drawing, learning to write, and storytelling and more. TikkTokk Boss Easels are high quality and truly exceptional value, incorporating a white board with paper clip and a chalk board. Some models include, felt board, magnetic board, stationery (magnets, erasable-markers, chalk, eraser) and a spill proof tray with paint pots specifically designed by TikkTokk to reduce wastage and ensure that the paint lasts longer before going stale. (Features vary depending on the model)
  • Modern soft look with rounded corners
  • Best value easel from Renewable Solid Pinewood
  • Quick access Stationery Tray with Free Stationery
  • Includes Stationery Bag and Spill-proof paint pots
Magnetic plus Chalk Board Functions
White Board plus Clip Board Functions