LAQ Basic 211 Pastel - 9 models

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The all new Crystal 400 set is a unique addition to the LaQ universe, adding the translucent clear parts in 4 different colours. These clear parts enhance the 12 standard colours of LaQ.  This is a great set to not only build standalone crystal models, but also to add a spark to existing models and sets.

This set includes 400 pieces using all 7 basic types of LaQ parts in 4 crystal colours (Clear Yellow, Clear Red, Clear Blue, Clear). It includes a booklet of instructions to make 15 models , including a spinning top, glass slipper, frog, ring, swan, jellyfish, spider, tropical juice, candy, jewellery box, pegasus, crown, teddy bear, geoball and castle.

The LaQ clear parts are made from a different material compared to the regular LaQ parts, to ensure that there is clarity in the parts. There is a difference when connecting regular LaQ parts and LaQ clear parts, which is due to the different properties of the plastic.

Recommended Age: 5 yrs - adults