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Igloo Mania

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Don’t let ‘Parka Pete’ fall in this cracking game of skill & tension! Use the four penguin ice picks to try and pull out the blocks from the igloo without Pete noticing.

Just hook the ice pick in the middle of the block turn and pull …. But be careful, you’ll need a steady hand, if the igloo crashes down, you’ll lose the game!

Use the dome as a guide to build the igloo, then place parka Pete on top.

For younger players, leave the dome in place to make the blocks more secure or remove the dome to make the game more challenging.

The ice blocks are numbered so that at the end of the game the player that has used the most skill to extract the trickiest blocks will be the winner!

Supplied with 64 ice blocks, base ring with door and building dome guide.

For 2-4 players, and ages 5+

10-20 minutes play time