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Planet FINSKA - Hookey Set

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Who doesn't remember the old hookey board hanging on the verandah or nailed to the wall of the backyard dunny?   At last, a real set of hookey Grandpa would be proud of.  Unlike modern cheapies that are much smaller and made from chipboard, our 2015 design turns back the clock and delivers a real full sized  board crafted

from hardwood.  Our premium hookey is beautifully finished in

high gloss varnish and comes with 13 hooks and 6 silicon

rings in traditional red or black.

A hookey board permanently in place will bring years of

adhoc fun for all.  You'll be surprised what the kids and their friends will spontaneously do when a hookey board is just hanging there waiting to be played!  So good to see them off their i-gadgets developing real hand-eye coordination.