HART Kickboards

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HART Kickboards are the perfect training tool for beginners or experienced swimmers. Ideal for kicking drills, general training and great for beginners as it helps keep them afloat while they learn control in the water.  For an advanced workout, kickboards allow a swimmer to isolate the leg muscles and therefore get a longer workout, once the arms become tired.

      • Bright colour range, 4 options available.
      • Isolates legs to build strength and power in training.
      • Durable, waterproof construction.
          • Large: 48.5cm x 29cm x 3cm or
          • Small: 38cm x 25.5cm x 3cm.

HINT for choosing the correct size kickboard.

A kickboard should be long enough that when you hold the top edge of the board, it comes to the middle of your upper arm.  The board should also be wide enough that your arms are extended straight out from the shoulder.