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Catan Starfarers Duel

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Explore space, discover planets, and found colonies — all while warding off pirates. 

2 Players  |  60-90 Mins  |  Ages 12+

Features: Dice Rolling, Resource to Move

Theme: Space Exploration


In CATAN: Starfarers Duel, you explore the vastness of space, fly to distant planets, buy and sell resources, found colonies, and establish trade relations — all while keeping an eye out for pirates who threaten mischief. Perhaps you also want to arm your spaceship to be in good shape against threats...

Key Selling Points
- Reboot of classic 2001 favorite: Starship Catan.
- Part of the successful CATAN – Starfarers lineup of sci-fi space games.
- Interactive 1v1 game that keeps both players involved the entire game.
- NEW: Five optional training missions to help onboard new ship captains with ease.
- Upgraded and updated art and components including new resource tracking dials.


2 Starships, 1 Sector board, 18 Modules, 12 Boosters, 12 Cannons, 32 Astro tokens, 4 Colony ships, 4 Trade ships, 17 Mission cards, 64 Sector cards, 2 Starting colony cards, 5 Objective cards, 2 Special point cards, 2 Dice, 1 Training missions book, 1 Rules book, 1 Overview sheet, 3 Small storage boxes.