BLACK LCD Board - USB Charging 11.5" LCD board

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Our all NEW black USB-charging 11.5" LCD board has a monochrome image and comes with a dual-tip stylus, perfect for writing and drawing. It is a great literacy tool for the classroom, home, on the go, and in vehicles.

Multi sensory, great for writing, maths, drawings, games & communication.

Our LCD boards also available in a slightly smaller version with rainbow image instead of monochrome -  (PINK or BLUE LCD board option) 

These are amazing. Especially good for homework/remote learning & supported learning sessions! If you remember the etch-a-sketch (I AM that old lol) of the 70/80's - well this is similar in concept but WAAAAY better. Using the stylus you 'write' on the board creating numbers/letters/pictures/games. If wanting to try again, just hit the delete button (if in unlock mode) and it gives you an blank screen again.

Helps reduce the frustration!  The easy delete button can assist in reducing frustration associated with making errors.  When in UNLOCK mode  - at the touch of a button the screen deletes. Especially great for those struggling with writing and literacy.

Lock/Unlock screen button at back. Allows the user to write on the board and simply press the button and it all disappears.  Is wonderful to doing sums, writing on, drawing or playing games. Multi sensory tool to assist with learning and fun! Saves on paper too.

Also great for a communication tool for those with hearing or speech difficulties.


  • Rounder dual tip stylus (most others have a flat stylus) which makes them great for those still developing pen grip or have hand function difficulties.
  • Stylus clips securely into storage area on board when not in use.  
  • USB charging, no batteries required
  • Can select prefer screen mode - lock or unlock via switch on back 
  • Easy delete button when in 'unlock' mode
  • Avoid exposure over 40 degrees or minus 5 degrees.  Do not leave in hot car.
  • Avoid using sharp objects or sticky items on screen
  • Avoid dropping
  • Do not immerse in water.  Use a soft dry cloth to clean.
  • approx weight 210g