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Beat the Camera is not your average board game. It's a nerve-jangling quest to find a precious gemstone!

To get to the gem, you’ll have to beat your friends and beat the camera. Here’s how it goes: for a simple game, place the gemstone on its stand so players can see it, then push the Play button on the camera. Sound effects will start the countdown as players get to their positions before the camera’s beady eyes start to sweep the room, scanning the space from side to side. When the sounds and the camera stop, FREEZE! Don’t move a muscle or the camera’s invisible beam will detect you, the alarm will go off and you’ll be out of the game! Keep playing until one player can grab the gemstone, get back to the camera to stop it -- without being spotted -- and win! For a longer game, players can head back to their starting places without stopping the camera.

A great addition to your collection of family games, this kids' game can also be easily played solo. Or, for the ultimate hide and seek game challenge, ask one player to conceal the gemstone and get all the others to hunt it down without being nabbed by the cameras roving eye.

First to find it wins the game!

If you're ready for something different from the usual board games, Beat the Camera is here to bring extra excitement to your family game night!