What's New In-Store - Olli Ella Toys and Wares

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What's New In-Store - Olli Ella Toys and Wares

Welcome to our August New In-Store article, this month celebrating the arrival of all the latest wares from Olli Ella. Meet the cheerful Holdie Folk, complete with a portable dolls house and accessories, and woven baskets for picnics and play. You can visit our Torquay store, or click here to reveal this gorgeous range of products that celebrate imaginative play, are durable, timeless and best of all - the kids love them! 

Holdie House dolls house play by Olli Ella, available at Torquay Toys

Behind The Brand

"We are makers of wares for nomads, homebodies and small folk".

Olli Ella is renowned for designing timeless products that are unlike any other. From a little wheeled trolley called the Luggy, to a house that you can hold, Olli Ella pieces bring a smile to faces and are loved through generations for their celebration of play. They use natural materials, sourced sustainably, and their focus is on craftsmanship and ethical production.

Born in London in 2010 as a kids décor brand, Olli Ella has grown to become a global lifestyle brand. Co-founded by sisters Chloe and Olivia, they draw inspiration from their nomadic childhoods spent travelling and their own broods. Today, the sisters live between Byron Bay, London and Los Angeles with their families, with these influences informing the relaxed, carefree aesthetic of Olli Ella pieces that are easily identified by their vintage-aesthetic, simple lines and use of natural materials.

Meet the Holdie Folk dolls by Olli Ella, available at Torquay Toys


The cheerful inhabitants of Holdie land are always up for an adventure. Get to know these perfect little pocket-sized pals. These loveable, palm-sized folk will join you on some incredible adventures in to the world of imagination. They're cute, they're small, they're a little bit cheeky and they're ready to explore this wonderful world with you!  

Holdie Folk by Olli Ella, available at Torquay Toys

They might be small but they all have big personalities - each member of Holdie folk has their own story, like Hazel: the shyest of all the Holdie Folk, Hazel loves nothing more than snuggling up in a quiet corner with a great book and a dictionary. An avid reader and writer, Hazel is the Holdie Folk’s favourite storyteller although she is often asked by her friends to speak a little louder because her voice is so soft, they can’t always hear what she is saying! 

Then there's Moss: Calm and easy going - that’s how Moss’s friends describe him. Moss loves exploring beautiful landscapes, tending to Holdie Land’s cactus garden and rock climbing. He always knows the best way to get from point A to point B.


Introducing the original Holdie House, this lightweight toy house is perfect for toting about. Lightweight enough to be carried by a toddler and stylish enough to be loved by children of all ages.

Holdie House by Ollie Ella, imaginative play dolls house, available at Torquay Toys

Holdie House dolls house by Olliella Olli Ella, available at Torquay Toys


The timeless classic... Hand-woven from natural Rattan, the iconic Luggy Basket is an original that you will treasure forever. The perfect caddy for carting about to the markets, the beach or in town. Use it to display everything from treasures to toys, crafts to blooms. We ❤ the Luggy in new colour, vintage inspired mint!    

Luggy Basjet by Olli Ella, available at Torquay Toys

Luggy Mint Basket with Wheels by Olli Ella, available at Torquay Toys


An immediate favourite for so many reasons! A bike basket, a scooter basket, a backpack, a treasure bag, a little handbag - this little woven basket bag is functional, adorable, and perfect for the little multi-taskers and adventurers alike. 

Olli Ella Mini Chari Basket available at Torquay Toys, Victoria


Be it for a picnic, a pack of your little one's favourite crayons, a keeper of shells collected on the beach, the Piki Baskets will be a firm favourite of any child - big or small.

Olli Ella Piki Basket available at Torquay Toys, Victoria, kids picnic baskets

Organic, ethical, effortless...  Get inspired @olliella. Thanks to Olli Ella for all the glorious pictures throughout our story :) 

At Torquay Toys, our family believes in the importance of learning through play. We choose to stock products that support aspects of child development and we love to encourage children to play, explore and learn. Pop in and see this gorgeous collection at Shop 1a Gilbert St Torquay, or order from our website for fast shipping or click n' collect. For all the latest product news, and lots of family fun, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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