What's New In-Store - Make Me Iconic

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What's New In-Store - Make Me Iconic

Welcome to our October New In-Store blog, this month highlighting a magnificent Aussie brand that celebrates iconic items from Downunder and turns them into collectible, covetable products for any age group! Pop into our Torquay store to explore this lovely range that's equal part nostalgic & humorous...  the best part is they are all timeless and kids LOVE them (in fact, so do the adults)! 

Iconic Australian red post box

At Torquay Toys, we are always on the lookout for quirky, quality, fun products that our 'families' will love! You can imagine our delight when we had the great fortune of stocking Make Me Iconic in our Torquay store, and the response from our customers has been awesome. We're all in agreeance that supporting local is best wherever possible, and this Melbourne-based business has our vote ;) 

Behind The Brand

Bringing ICONS to life & into people's homes. NOSTALGIC gifts and toys that make memories... Get inspired @makemeiconic. Thanks to Make Me Iconic for all the gorgeous pictures throughout our story :) 

After a period overseas, the founders returned home to Melbourne & immediately fell in love with the city again; Melbourne has so much to offer that is unique and they wanted something in their own home that brought those elements to life. Knowing that others felt the same way, they began making a small range of Melbourne Souvenirs & Gifts. Designed for locals and tourists alike, Make Me Iconic’s range of Melbourne Souvenirs capture the essence of the city and give it the style and sophistication it deserves. Great for gifts, homesick expats or just a treat for yourself.

Classic Aussie ute, Make Me Iconic Wooden toy

They have taken on an entirely new tack on designer homewares, toys and premium Australian Souvenirs & Gifts. They produce high quality and iconic gifts that people enjoy, connect with and want to talk about, bringing the unsung icons of Australia and its cities to life and into people's homes. At the same time, the products aim to enlighten customers by providing facts about the icons of the city and what makes them so special and iconic.

postage stamps and cards make me iconic post box

Working with young, local designers in Melbourne and Sydney, their products make fresh things familiar and familiar things fresh. They have everything you need to take a piece of your favourite city home, best known for the iconic Melbourne Toy TramToy Post Box, and the awesome Australian Toy Ute.

In our toy section you will find timeless wooden toys that get passed down from one generation to the next.
Our stylish range of iconic Australian themed toys have that clever nostalgic twist and are great for imaginative play.


Make Me Iconic Australian red post box wooden toy stamps

In a digital age the iconic red post box is becoming ever more rare. But the big red box still sits down the end of the street, waiting for your postcards, love letters and, yes even your bills. For a generation that may see the end of the post as we know it, we have lovingly designed this bit of history for them to enjoy. Don’t forget the stamp. This wonderful creation comes complete with 6 mix & match wooden stamps and 6 envelopes/postcards.

Make Me Iconic Australian red post box wooden toy

It has a pull down slot to post letters just like an iconic Australia Post Box. Little hands can attach wooden stamps to the wooden letters and/or postcards for imaginative pretend play using self sticking Velcro. Place your own Tooth Fairy or Santa letters in this wonderful post box to extend you play.

Make Me Iconic Australian red post box wooden toy


This iconic wooden tram needs no batteries, has no flashing lights, no loud noises and no plastic. However it does provide endless opportunity to use real old fashioned imagination. The wooden Melbourne tram is a definite MUST HAVE for any household wanting to stimulate their child's imagination and creativity with toys that will not only provide hours of entertainment but, are reminiscent of the high quality wooden toys of yesteryear...

Melbourne Tram Wooden Toys Make Me Iconic

With authentic colours, and based on the iconic W-class Melbourne tram this authentic creation comes complete with 12 wooden passengers and 2 uniformed tram conductors. It has wheels on the bottom (for pushing and zoom zooming) and the lid comes off the top for little hands to access the wooden passengers.

Melbourne Tram Wooden Toys Make Me Iconic


Rumour has it the "Ute" came about from a letter a farmer wrote to Ford asking for a "vehicle to take his wife to church in on Sundays and take his pigs to market with on Monday's". The Ute has been a much loved part of the Australian iconography since the 1930's. From the Jackaroo, to the Farmer, the Revhead Tradie the iconic Ute fits the bill. So whether you want to throw your surfboard in the back, bring your dog to the park or take your tools to the job, a Ute is likely to be you ride of choice. We have created our impression of the Ute with all the nostalgia and love you would expect for a classic toy for your little one. So let them open their minds to all the jobs this classic vehicle supports - or just a cruise down the open road to the beach. Vroom Vroom. 

Classic Aussie ute, Make Me Iconic Wooden toy

Comes complete with 3 passengers and accessories. It has wheels on the bottom (for vroom vrooming) and the lid comes off the top to access the passengers.

We choose to stock products like these that support aspects of child development and we love to encourage children to play, explore and learn. Pop in and see this fabulous collection at Shop 1a Gilbert St Torquay, or order from our website for fast shipping or click n' collect. For all the latest product news, and lots of family fun, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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