What's New In-Store - Magformers

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What's New In-Store - Magformers

Welcome to our September New In-Store blog, this month showcasing an incredible brand called MAGFORMERS® that make intelligent, magnetic construction sets

Creative play with Magformers

By playing with these sets, children will be developing:

  • Spatial Awareness
  • Rotation
  • 2D to 3D Modelling
  • Mathematical and Scientific thinking
  • Reasoning
  • Sensory Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Imagination
  • Problem Solving
  • Engineering Principles… all while having fun!!

Magformers play

What are Magformers and how will they help your child’s learning and brain development?

Magformers consist of bright, colourful and fun educational shapes.

Magformers can be connected in any direction in 3D. This is due to the powerful rotating magnets encapsulated within deliberately placed contact points within each piece! They are easy to assemble and disassemble, with some sets suitable for toddlers 18mths+, and others for 3yrs+.

Magformers sets for children of all ages

Award Winning Brand

Magformers were the winners of the prestigious Australian Toy Associations' "Educational Toy of The Year Award" in 2016!  At Torquay Toys, our family believes in the importance of learning through play, and this guides our sourcing decisions. We choose to stock products that support aspects of child development and we love to encourage children to play, explore and learn.

Magformers Wow Set

Set Of The Month

Check out the WOW Set here on our website! One of our faves, it includes various Magformers pieces and 2 sets of wheels, along with double-sided learning cards that inspire creative ideas for children. The cards range from learning about simple shapes and colours, simple 2D puzzles for younger children, through to more complex 2D puzzles that parents and younger children can work on together.

Children can also learn about 2D to 3D modelling, with fold out ‘life-size’ cards that allow the child to place the actual pieces on top of the 2D shape and then transform the 2D shapes into a 3D model by lifting the pieces put together on the flat lay. This involves laying the pieces flat on the card, and using their magnetic power to transform them into 3D structures. To aid the next level of learning, there are 20 model cards of vehicles that can be built. The idea is for the child to work out how to build the vehicle by looking at the picture, rather than following ‘step by step’ instructions. This trains the child to think about the shapes and number of pieces required to make the vehicle. Importantly, it also requires the child to develop rotational skills, by working out which shapes would be on the unseen side.

Magformers 3D shape ball

Magformers My First Set

Infinite Creative Building To Shape Young Minds

Every Magformers set features fantastic colours, with so many builds to keep kids busy and entertained, whilst fostering brain development, motor skills, and general exploration! The pieces are highly durable, and children can also use the pieces to build whatever their imagination permits (including planes, buildings or other structures, houses, balls, cubes, geometric shapes…the possibilities are limited only by imagination)!

Magformers Standard Model Set Star

Pop in and see this collection at Shop 1a Gilbert St Torquay, or order from our website for fast shipping or click n' collect. For all the latest product news, and lots of family fun, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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