Ride The Surf

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This is a game for people of all abilities. You can make it as easy or as challenging and competitive as you like. Gun Surfers will love it. However, this is also a family fun game. Our young 10 and 11 year old test pilots loved it, as did our older surfers and non-surfers.

It sure is a game for surfers, but it is also a great board game for Campers and for Caravanners, It is a board game for families young and old.

If you can throw the dice and move your token, you’ll have fun.

What’s Included?

This is a heritage game which acknowledges not only Bells Beach itself, but the first custodians of this area; the pioneers who originally brought surfing to Bells beach; and those who have kept Bells Beach alive as a place of international surfing importance.

Included is:

  • A great surfing poster of ‘Bells’ when the surf is big.
  • A story of the Wadawurrung People and their connection to this area.
  • A story of how surfing came to this area and those who saved the Bells Easter Contest.
  • The Game Board, which is an aerial photo of Bells Beach.
  • A sticker for your car, your lunch box, your walking frame, or your bedroom door.
  • And all the usual game components of dice, tokens, How to Play cards, etc.