Neoformers School Set 112 Pieces

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Magnetic construction is easy with Neoformers. There is no difference between the North Pole and South Pole meaning the magnets may be rotated and easily connected. Children will have the opportunity to develop creative thinking skills all while learning about magnetism. Includes: 44 x Triangles, 36 x Squares, 14 x Isosceles Triangles, 4 x Hexagons, 4 x Pentagons, 4 x Trapezoids, 4 x Diamond, 4 x Super Square, 4 x Super Triangles, 4 x Super Sector, 8 x Mini Sector, 4 x Right Triangle, 4 x Mini Triangles, 2 x Wheels, 8 x Ferris Wheel Access. Made from plastic and magnets. Ages 3yrs+